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G-Star SS15 Presentation
G-Star Raw SS15 presentationPhotography Paolo Musa

G-Star Raw SS15

Save our oceans: a bio-yarn denim collection curated by Pharrell Williams set on helping the environment

TextEmma WymanPhotographyPaolo Musa

Initial reaction:

The large space at 23 Wall Street was filled with dark blue lights piercing through the smoke-filled room, with denim suspended in aquarium-like tanks and visuals of water dripping projected above the show space.

Happy oceans, happy life:

A song sang by Pharrell about water came on before the man himself appeared and walked through the space with a gang of models behind him. When he reached the end, he stopped to give a talk about water conservation and plastic waste in the ocean. 

Denim details:

Models wore denim looks made with environmentally friendly bio-yarn and topped off with decals.