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Marc Jacobs SS15 Lea Colombo Dazed
Marc Jacobs SS15Photography Lea Colombo

Marc Jacobs SS15 + live stream

Dreams of twisted suburbia: Jacobs ends NYFW on a high with his precise, pink and perverse show – set to the sounds of spoken instructions via headphones

Initial impression:

Life's about giving and taking – orders. A litany of instructions (including "send the gap toothed girl with three bags around back" to "meet in the twins bedroom and jump up and down on the beds") piped in through individual Beats by Dre headphones worn by the audience. This season, Jacobs' army of girls (including Kendall Jenner, of course) walked around a Pepto Bismol colored windowless house, surrounded by pink gravel and plush pink carpet. The women were in military-inspired dress, with assize cargo pockets and glittery buttons, styled with velvet slip on flats reminiscent of wooden Dr Scholl’s. Just who the army was this season was unclear, and though the voice coming in over the headphones was a robot (one that reads text), his words gradually became more personal. "I am writing this sitting on a bench in a park in cold spring New York," he said, ending on the sad line:

"There's been too much going on can we move the house to a place where nothing ever happens and things are slower I'll be happy there."

Sounds by Dre:

The soundscape for the show was perhaps even more lush than the satin looks or the plush velvet shoes in the collection. That wistful robot spoke over “Étude 1” by Nadia Sirota, along with birdsongs, the sound of the ordered girls jumping on a bed, and a dog barking.

Total precision:

In addition to the blunt black wigs cut by long-term collaborator Guido, the presentation experience was executed with military precision. “PLEASE PUT ON THE HEADPHONES,” someone ordered over the microphone before the show, and during the narration, the voice said "It is 6:05" and, glancing at the hour, it was right.

Models: Kouka Webb, Alexandra Hochguertel, Natalie Westling (@nataliewestling), Malaika Firth (@malaikafirth), Catherine McNeil (@catmcneil), Hanne Gaby (@hannegabysees), Caroline Trentini (@trentinireal), Daphne Groeneveld (@daphnegroeneveld94), Kouka Webb, Martha Hunt (@marhunt), Irina Sharipova (@irinasharipova), Lexi Boling (@lexiboling), Mariana Santana (@marianaosantana), Yumi Lambert (@yumilambert), Marihenny Rivera Pasible (@MarihennyY), Jessica Hart (@1jessicahart), Julia Nobis, Aymeline Valade (@AymelineValade), Jamie Bochert (@jamiebochert), Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid), Iesha Hodges (@iyshuh), Samantha Archibald (@thinkthinkbrainblast), Lui Wen (@luiwenlw)