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Watch out, low-riders, Ocala City Council is coming for you

Low-riders beware: Florida town outlaws baggy trousers

The city of Ocala wants residents to pull up their pants, and has made the ‘crime’ punishable with a fine of $500 or jail time

In the city of Ocala, Florida, it now really is possible to commit fashion crimes. In what might be one of the most draconian measures taken against an aesthetic trend in recent memory, the Ocala City Council voted unaminously to pass a law that prohibits anyone from wearing their pants two inches below their waistline and exposing their underwear.

"I just think it's disgraceful to show your underwear," councilwoman Mary Rich told WFTV. "We try to be a nice, clean city.  I think it'll help clean it up some".

"Sagging", or "low-riding", has now been made illegal for all genders and races who rock the look on city property – that includes the streets, parks, recreation centres, bus stations and car parks. Basically, anywhere you go you can be caught with your pants down.

It's expected that the police will warn rulebreakers at first, but if they are deemed repeat offenders, they can land a $500 fine and six months jail time.

Ocala is not the first place in America to outlaw low-riders – in the past year, towns in New Jersey, Louisiana and Tennessee have all proposed similar bans. But as Fashionista notes, the ordinances impose no more than a $50 fine for repeat offences. Which all suggests that Ocala City Council doesn't just have the fashion police on their mind; some residents believe that the law is just an easy way to fill the city coffers.

Check out some outraged reactions from locals below: