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States Pop Quiz #7: Jeremy Scott

Fashion's pop provocateur on being an alt kid, his love of Bruce Springsteen and riding out the apocalypse in Disneyworld

As part of our States of Independence summer takeover, 50 American indie icons have volunteered to take the Dazed Pop Quiz; a quick-fire Q&A about what they love and loathe about life in the USA. Check back here every day for more from the series. 

One of fashion’s last true independents, Jeremy Scott, is the American dream personified. Taking French lessons as a young fashion-obsessed farmboy in Kansas, he ended up putting on his first show in Paris at the age of 19. And he recently debuted his stunning men’s collection for Moschino, where he now works as creative director, the same company he once worked for as an intern in the late 90s.

Scott’s spent nearly two decades proving truly anything is possible, entertaining and challenging high fashion and street fashion in equal measure. While his shows steal the Fashion Week spotlight, Scott also lights up the streets – whether it's his infamous Adidas Wings, his monster Longchamp bags, Mickey Mouse sunglasses for Linda Farrow, crocodile New Era snapbacks, or even his bespoke winged Smartcar. There’s always an uncompromising Jeremy Scott feel throughout all of his designs, with wild imagination and free spirited independence.

The LA-based designer proudly wears his love of America on his Bart Simpson sleeve, or in the folds of Budweiser gowns (indeed, proof is all over his AW14 collection for Moschino). It felt only right to ask Scott to share a few gems from his roots.

What three words define the States today?

Jeremy Scott: Stars and stripes. 

Which living American do you most admire and why?

Jeremy Scott: I might be really cheesy and just say the president. I’ll be a real brown noser and say Barack Obama and the reason why is because I feel he has been a beacon of light and hope for positivity.

Which living American do you most despise and why?

Jeremy Scott: Karl Rove, because I think he is evil. He’s always doing some kind of fuckery!

Whose face should be on the $100 bill?

Jeremy Scott: Well mine, of course! Duh.

What is your favorite quote about America?

Jeremy Scott: "I was born in the U.S.A.!" - Bruce Springsteen.

Who gave you your first break? Do you still talk?

Jeremy Scott: Hmmm. I don’t know - it’s like, where was that first break really at? That’s really hard to say, that’s a concept in itself!

When + where you the most happiest?

Jeremy Scott: At home in LA – last night in the house! I’m generally pretty happy. 

What high school clique were you in? Do you stay in touch?

Jeremy Scott: I was part of the new wave/alternative kids. We were definitely not the cool kids! Part of the group were troublemakers, I wasn’t. We were into music, clothes, and distaste for everyone else. I’m not actually in touch with any of them anymore. 

What food reminds you of home?

Jeremy Scott: Thanksgiving stuffing. 

What smell do you associate with the city of your birth?

Jeremy Scott: Downy fresh laundry.

What's the best road trip you've ever been on? 

Jeremy Scott: I did a road trip from New York to Miami, through the south to Kansas City. That was pretty good. I was about 22 or 25, something like that.

Where did you lose your virginity?

Jeremy Scott: My bedroom. 

What would make you leave America forever?

Jeremy Scott: Nothing!

What noise reminds you of the States?

Jeremy Scott: The sound of wind flowing through the wings of an eagle soaring through the sky.

What is your favorite American building?

Jeremy Scott: The Chrysler building. It’s just beautiful, all the Art Deco details.

Ultimate American film?

Jeremy Scott: Grease.

Ultimate American album?

Jeremy Scott: Now we’re back to Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA!

Most overrated US tourist attraction

Jeremy Scott: I don’t know what you’re talking about - everything in America is great!  

Most underrated US tourist attraction

Jeremy Scott: The Grand Canyon.

Favorite slang phrase?

Jeremy Scott: Fuck off.

What is your ultimate American guilty pleasure?

Jeremy Scott: Milkshakes. 

What law would you change or invent?

Jeremy Scott: I would change the marriage equality laws. 

Where in the States would you ride out the apocalypse?

Jeremy Scott: In the underground tunnels of Disneyland.

When was your last run-in with the cops? What happened?

Jeremy Scott: I don’t ever really have run-ins with the cops! I’m a clean teen. 

If you could change one thing about the US, what would it be?

Jeremy Scott: College would be free. 

Which fictional American do you most identify with?

Jeremy Scott: Huckleberry Finn. I grew up on the river too. 

If you could vote for Obama again, would you?

Jeremy Scott: Of course.

If you lost it all tomorrow, what would you do the day after?

Jeremy Scott: Start over. 

What will America look like in 2050?

Jeremy Scott: There will be a lot more brown eyes.

Does the American Dream still exist?

Jeremy Scott: Hell yes.