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Walter Van Beirendonck SS15 Mens, Dazed backstage
Backstage at Walter Van Beirendonck SS15Photography Lea Colombo

Walter Van Beirendonck SS15

A strong statement for individuality: warped animal beaks and hybrid-style prints, Walter Van Beirendonck takes us to fantasyland

Initial reaction:

It wouldn’t be a Walter Van Beirendonck show without a political statement. This season, the designer paid homage to individuality – in particular to protecting the native tribes of the world – in a hybrid of tapestry, animal print and handpainted horrorshow graphics, like eyeballs and machine guns. Titled ‘WHAMBAM’, Van Beirendonck warped dualities in a marriage of old and new.

How they wore it:

De-constructed tapestry print jackets were stitched together with circle patches and held on by buttons, gradually evolving into looser, kimono cuts, worn over lightweight drawstring trousers and tightened at the waist with karate belts. Military-looking jumpsuits and shirts came with a layering of tulle with epaulettes attached, and sandals featured lightening bolt detailing. A mix of club-style optical illusions and animal prints merged into one another – closing the show – as new breeds in Van Beirendonck’s fantasy world were birthed.

Face off:

Charlie Le Mindu was back on hand to coif as was long-time make up collaborator and fellow Antwerp Academy graduate Inge Grognard, who evolved paint markings from last season with colourful lines masking the model’s faces. Animal-style beaks were also fitted to the models who, as they approached the end of the runway, stopped to reveal a second, more warped and trippy side to the mask.

The soundtrack to Walter Van Beirendonck SS15:

Last season, Van Beirendonck made an anti-racism statement with shaved heads, crocodile shoes and trippy-style prints.