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Moschino LCM SS15 GIFs


From acid-tripping emoji at Moschino to Craig Green's Zen garden, here are the best reference-laden collections from London menswear

Global electronic candy phone – Japanese candy wrappers, Louis Vuitton denim purse, “Marilyn” by Andy Warhol. Emojis, Rugby uniform, Array of world flags.

Power meditation, worn path of peaceful contemplation – Zen garden, Clear blue sky, Frayed denim, Lake at night, “Canine” by Alexander Calder, Samurai armour.

Lovers retreat at the seaside – “Littlestone-on-Sea” by John Piper, Pinstripe silk pyjamas, Nautical top knot, Beach cabanas, Red velvet curtains, Vintage beach towels.

Domestic patterns taking shape – Picnic tablecloth, “Title Not Known” by Frank Stella, Freitag messenger bags, “I wouldn’t have worn mascara if I knew I was going to be taking a trip down memory lane” by Garth Weiser, “Check #9” by Sherri Levine, Daan Van Golden’s Pattern paintings.

Send me a letter when you get there – “How of Flowers (See You There)” by Peter Doig, “Spring Breakers” by Raymond Pettibon, Love letter from Robert Browning to Elizabeth Barrett, Castle Brochure, Stormy Sea.