Team Vicious by Danielle Levitt

The American photographer captures Rick Owens' step crew in a full-throttle performance exclusively for Dazed

For the spring/summer 14 issue of Dazed, Katherine Bernard got under the skin of the 40 step artists who revolutionised the runway in Paris last year when Rick Owens cast them for his SS14 show. Collectively known as Team Vicious, the members present morphed back into their “grit-face” runway alter egos, re-adopting their Owens looks in order to be shot by photographer Danielle Levitt. After an exclusive second performance of the infamous Owens step routine at the shoot, Team Vicious got the chance to shine the spotlight on Owens, asking him some questions of their own…

Rashida Zagon: Where do you get your strength?

Rick Owens: I always remind myself that one hundred years from now no one will remember or care about the silly things I did. So just relax.

Rashida Zagon: When people can be so judgmental, what keeps you grounded? What makes you believe that what you’re doing is worth something?

RO: Good Question. I sent something out and I got a positive response. If I hadn’t, naturally I would have gotten discouraged. It took a while. The trick is to do it for personal fulfillment and then positive response is just a plus.

Shantell Richardson: Where’s a good place to party in Paris?

RO: It depends on what your criteria is…

Genia Morgan: You’re going to laugh. I remember you asking me if I was married, so I’m just wondering if you’ve found me a husband yet?

RO: Sorry, forgot to look…

Heather Deleon: With regards to the feedback you received, how are you going to take this onboard and adapt your future collections?Are you going to start expanding your designs so they’re more wearable for different body types?

RO: I will do my best, but I also know that I will never be able to please everybody…

Janille Hill: Did you accomplish everything you wanted with the show or is there anything that you felt was missing?

RO: What I said to you guys after the first rehearsal still stands – beyond my dreams.

Lekisha Limage: I think that your energy is amazing and your laid-back personality made us feel so comfortable and welcome, when can we hang out next?

RO: Believe me, I’m not that interesting during down time.

Lauretta Noble: Can you bring us to Paris to do something else with you? Because when I was finished, I was like: “oh my god what do I do now?”

RO: I know what you mean! But when something is this special, it’s best to move on…

Ann Marie Dragich: Do you take making money into consideration or do you primarily do things because an idea strikes your fancy?

RO: If an idea genuinely feels true and right, the money has more likelihood of following. It’s a wonderful system.

Angela Brackett: Speaking on behalf of both others and myself, it’s difficult to decide what to throw our energy into next, what process do you go through to decide what to pursue next?

RO: You silence all of the voices around you, then honestly ask yourself what you want and what you think you can manage.

 All clothes and accessories by Rick Owens SS14

Hair Martin Christopher Harper at Platform; make-up Kristin Hilton at The Wall Group using Chanel; photographic assistants Jordan Zuppa, Will Pierce; styling assistants Ellie Sikes, Kat Banas, Emilee Jackson; make-up assistant Andrew Colvin; prop stylist Chris Stone; production Stephanie Porto; production assistants Natalia Mantini, Nate Freeman

Special thanks to LeeAnet and Lauretta Noble, Rick Owens and Daniel Urrutia of Owens Corp