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Gisele in the studio with Bob Sinclairvia H&M

Meet the singing supermodels

Gisele Bündchen and Miranda Kerr both released songs this week. Which other fashion faces have tried their hand at singing?

What happened to the old model advice of keeping your mouth shut? All of a sudden, models are picking up microphones and lifting their voices in song (in some cases, very, very Auto-Tuned song). This week, Gisele Bündchen teamed up with French house veteran Bob Sinclair for a Blondie cover of "Heart of Glass"; then a few days after Miranda Kerr dropped her jazz duet with Irish singer Bobby Fox, "You are the Boss". 

While some the vocal chords of some models come out sounding distinctly better than others, there's no doubt that there are more than a few who can hold a tune. From Naomi Campbell to Julia Nobis, we chart the singing models.  

Gisele and Bob Sinclair – "Heart of Glass"

H&M enlisted Gisele and Bob Sinclar to beef up their summer campaign with this cover of the 1978 single. Too bad it replaces the slinky disco synth and Debbie Harry's soft, crooning lilt with a jackhammer house beat and a throwback Ibiza-style video.

Miranda Kerr and Bobby Fox – "You are the Boss"

Music executives tapped Kerr for this duet after hearing her pipes in this bizarre Japanese iced tea commercial, which is actually a much better song than this one (you'll never be able to get the words "limone" out of your head, trust me). 

Naomi Campbell – "Love and Tears"

While some models prefer to dabble with singing in duets and adverts, Naomi committed 100% and made a full-length album of sub-par Sade songs. 1994's Baby Woman was hugely panned in the UK, and its lead single, "Love and Tears", only reached Number 40 in the charts. However, the album did go on to become a runaway hit in Japan. Maybe they just like singing models there?

Tyra Banks – "Be A Star"

Banks starred alongside a pre-Freaky Friday Lindsay Lohan in Life-Size, a made-for-TV film in which Banks played Eve, a doll that magically transforms into a real human. Eve's theme song, "Be A Star", was sung by Banks for the movie. The Disney Channel has since confirmed they're working on a sequel to Life-Size, so we might once again hear Banks reprise this pre-teen anthem. 

Karen Elson – "The Ghost Who Walks"

Elson is one model who's managed to parlay her fame into a career as a legit recording artist. To be fair, she's been working on it for over a decade, starting with a backing vocal spot on a remix of Robert Plant's "Last Time I Saw Her". And while she could have rinsed then-husband Jack White of his industry connects, she instead developed her entire debut solo album, The Ghost Who Walks, hiding in the bathroom so White couldn't hear her. 

Coco Rocha – "Coco Cavalli"

In this video produced by Hunger for Cavalli, Rocha does her best Alison Mosshart impression by shaking it all out in a mirrored cube. There's lots of hair-flicking, shimmying and smoke machines – and a few Shania Twain style yelps for added value. 

Julia Nobis – "Hurt"

Having a sweet voice is one thing, but playing a musical instrument is another. Nobis is a guitar fiend, and used to upload music videos of herself singing and playing to her YouTube account, NoddyGould. The account is now dormant (she's probably busy being one of the top 50 models in the world), but this "Hurt" cover more than proves she's got the musical ability to pull off Johnny Cash.

Milla Jovovich – "The Gentleman Who Fell"

As Naomi's Baby Woman crashed and burned in 1994, another model came out tops in the charts: Milla Jovovich. In the early 90s, she was best known for editorials for magazines like The Face and big contracts for brands like L'Oreal – so this Kate Bush-meets-Cocteau Twins musical turn came as some surprise. The critics were impressed though – including a very young-looking Conan O'Brien in this Late Night performance.

Kate Moss and Primal Scream – "Some Velvet Morning"

Moss contributed a few lines to "La Belle Et La Bete" by Babyshambles, but her guest spot on this Primal Scream track is leagues ahead. A cover of the original drugged-out Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood duet, Moss plays a mysterious woman called Phaedra who teaches Bobby Gillespie the ways of love. 

Heidi Klum – "Wonderland"

If you've ever wondered what a Christmas song by Heidi Klum sounds like, now you know. Klum recorded this delightfully cheesy track for a German department store, and then for some reason decided it would be an even better idea to film a video where her sleigh gets pulled across a Yuletide sky by white horses. Don't question, just enjoy.