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Michael Power MA CollectionShot by Jamie Stoker

Faith Connexion X Michael Power

The CSM grad puts his mark on the Faith Connexion aesthetic for a limited-edition design collaboration, available to win exclusively on Dazed

Merging darkly sensual rock n’ roll with bohemian free spiritedness, and a heart of quintessential Parisian design, Faith Connexion emerges this year with an empowering revamped vision. In search of a fresh faced young designer to collaborate with in celebration of this new focus for SS15, we at Dazed decided that there was no better fit than new kid on the block and Central Saint Martins graduate – Michael Power.

Having scooped up the L’Oreal Professionel Creative Award jointly with fellow designer Ondrej Adamek, Michael Power was the name rolling off everyone’s tongue succeeding the graduate showcase, and his wader-boot clad models who stomped down the catwalk in heavy hung dresses made quite the lasting impression. Together Faith Connexion and Power will be creating a capsule collection of limited edition sweatshirts which instead of being for sale, will be available to win exclusively on Dazed Digital. Whilst Michael is in the process of finalising the design, we caught up with him for a taste of what’s in store.

Dazed Digital: Can you talk us through your Central Saint Martins MA collection, what are the references behind it?

Michael Power: The collection was inspired by Hopi Kachina Dolls, the Juggalo's and the work of artist Jean DuBuffet. It is comprised of a series of misshapen sporty shift dresses, shorts and voluminous cocoon forms. The core of the collection consists of a technique whereby thousands of glass beads are trapped between layers of tulle in a series of curves and graffiti-like markings. The sinamay masks were also inspired by the headwear of the Kachina Dolls, along with a desire to create something disconcerting yet delicate. 

DD: What about your designs for the Faith Connexion collaboration?

Michael Power: For this garment, I wanted to keep the same attitude I had for my CSM MA Collection, so a lot of the same research came into play. Keeping the garment slightly over sized grants the wearer a certain slouch, while the distressed use of pattern and print gives a bold and graphic element without seeming ostentatious.  

DD: How will you translate the beads and markings onto these garments? 

Michael Power: As utilising the same technique used for my MA Collection was not possible, I was able to combine a caviar bead technique along with print in order to produce a similar impression. The runic graffiti like patterns that dominate my MA Collection were also re-adjusted and distilled to suit the garment’s proportions. 

DD: What about the the colour palette?  

Michael Power: I always like to utilise a very defined line in my designs, so using dark tones contrasted with a stark white and yellow made sense in order to achieve this. 

DD: Finally, how does your creative vision sit within Faith Connexion’s aesthetic?

Michael Power: The Faith Connexion girl is very cool, very street and very down to earth. This is the girl I like to design for. It was very easy to take their aesthetic, which has a lot of edge, and quite literally put my mark on it.