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Best not to run for the bus if you're wearing the INTIMACY 2.0 dressDaan Roosegaarde

The dress that turns see-through when you're turned on

INTIMACY 2.0 is a wearable tech dress that turns transparent once it detects arousal

Meet INTIMACY 2.0: a couture dress that's so high-tech it lets other people know when you're turned on. As in, it turns more or less transparent when it detects arousal. Conceived by an international design firm called Studio Roosegaarde, the dress come in two styles, Intimacy White and Intimacy Black, and is made from leather and "opaque smart e-foils that become increasingly transparent based on close and personal encounters with people".

How does it figure out you're turned on? The dress responds to an increased heartrate, creating what Studio Roosegaarde describe as a "sensual play of disclosure". Of course, there are many factors that contribute to an accelerated heartbeat, like exercising, stress or drugs. Imagine running for the bus and realising you're suddenly completely naked. No thanks.

Whilst the company insists on their website that the garment is "perfect for the red carpet", you'd have to be pretty confident of a steady heartrate. Studio Roosegaarde are also working on a suit that can sense dishonesty and turns transparent accordingly – so any liars out there who'd like to maintain their modesty, this ain't the dress for you. 

Fashion designers are increasingly dabbling in wearable tech – last year, Canadian designer Ying Gao designed smart dresses that puff up when they detect camera flashes. It probably won't be long before wearable technology becomes a fully integrated part of high street fashion – but somehow, we don't think a see-through dress will be part of the revolution.