Anja Rubik's music video debut is truly spectacular

In the video for Chleb, the model rides a giant dachshund while dressed as a council estate princess

Move over, Kate Moss and Stephanie Seymour – Anja Rubik has just made her music video debut, and it is nothing short of a spectacular mindfuck. In the deliberately lo-fi video for "Chleb", Rubik is dressed as what we can only describe as a Polish council estate princess: furry white gilet, frosted eyeshadow, glittery tiara and hoop earrings. Rubik pouts in front of a variety of stock image backdrops, lip-syncing along to the lyrics before zooming off into space, like a supermodel version of Falcore from Neverending Story. Needless to say, it's a bit of a departure from her usual ultra-glossy image. 

Rubik's appearance in "Chleb" is courtesy of Mister D, the stage name of acclaimed Polish literary wunderkind Dorota Masłowska. Masłowska is undergoing something of a major image overhaul herself: in an attempt to solve her writers' block and lampoon her own public image, she's released an album of rap, dance and punk record called Społeczeństwo jest niemiłe (The Society Is Mean).