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Backstage at Chloé AW14Shot by Jacques Habbah

Chloé AW14

Tangled furs, fidgety prints and colourful open weave fabrics imbue a tamed wildness

Initial reaction:

A tamed wildness, with tangled, imperfect furs and fidgety prints.

Unexpected details:

Geometric prints with random primary coloured shapes scattered across blouses – like the shapes in an Alexander Calder mobile sculpture. Amongst the print, star shaped windows of lace revealed skin beneath.

How they wore it:

With fur heels and gold tasseled cuffs, gold strands brushing over the hand and fingers. Bags were slouchy and unzipped, folded under the arm – the best came in snakeskin.

Surface play:

Wool coats were covered in matted tangles, and fur coats had uneven tufts of bright contrasting fur sprouting out of them. Leopard prints were reimagined in blurred rainbows. Textures were layered and juxtaposed, like the powder lilac shearling against lilac leather.

Stand out looks:

The deep purple coat with soft rounded shoulders and sleeves, tied with a cream leather belt. A riot of colour weaved itself haphazardly over a tunic; on closer inspection it had been constructed from lots of threads, knotted and twisted through a grid-like fabric.

Models: Alma Durand, Mijo Mihaljcic (@mijomihaljcic), Xiao Wen Ju (@jujujuxiaowen), Iana Godnia (@ianagodnia), Diana Moldovan (@diana__moldovan_), Ji Hye Park (@JiHyePark0206), Kat Hessen, Julie Hoomans (@Julie_Hoomans), Mica Arganaraz (@micarganaraz), Leila Nda, Sigrid Agren (@sigridagren), Tilda Lindstam (@tildalindstam), Caroline Brasch Nielsen (@caroline_brasch), Jacquelyn Jablonski (@JLJablonski), Amanda Murphy, Ieva Palionyte (@palionytee), Lena Hardt (@lenaobao), Mica Arganaraz (@micarganaraz), Elisabeth Erm, Jacquelyn Jablonski (@JLJablonski)