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Undercover AW14Shot by Jacques Habbah

Undercover AW14

Possessed princesses bound by scarves drag their capes through a seedy, red-lit space

Initial reaction:

Only Fairytales Left Alive. Forgotten princesses in crowns made from hair, their bodies bound by rope, their features alien and possessed.

Wrapped and bound:

Gilded scarves were wrapped three-fold around the neck in a suffocating mass, or bound loosely around the shoulders and torso before falling into darkly majestic tapestry capes. In the final white virginal pieces, red scarves appeared to pass through slits and ‘wounds’ – like blood pouring from the body.

The poisoned apple:

From the Bible to Snow White, the apple is a symbol of taunting temptation, its consumption leading to ultimate doom and disgrace. Designer Jun Takahashi’s apples were clutched by the final models, a beam of light shining accusatorially from the ‘bite-mark’ taken out of it.

A formidable matriarch:

In a series of glamourous, almost conventional looks, the models’ blood shot eyes were disguised behind dark, wide sunglasses. In block colours they wore Hollywood starlet turbans and draped themselves in opulent opera coats.


An underlying perverseness filtered through the Moulin Rouge-esque location and its red-lit, smoky room. For the finale, red glitter fell from the ceiling.