Tessa Edwards AW14

A metallic crystal-fuelled sensory experience rendered in an ethereal fashion film

Initial reaction:

An immersive sensory experience, depictive of parallel worlds. The crystal queen strikes again.

Stand out look:

A dress constructed from a mash up of gold metallic leather, oversized crystals and zig-zag monochrome fabric; a reference to the biblical Gold Calf, thus highlighting the themes of wealth, materialism and degrading integrity within creativity.


Unicorn-like crystal headwear, oversized crystal encrusted earings, and leather hung, harness style crystalised bras.


A forbidden forest. The models walked to a video backdrop created in collaboration with artists Ish Sahotay, Jake Whitelocke and Robert Walker. Shot in the woods as a deliberate satirical take on fashion film, it created an ethereal, other-worldly aura. 

Under the surface:

The title of the collection, ‘As Seen On Screen’ is a deliberate reference to the consumers’ bombardment by the commercial world and the resulting disconnection from open mindedness and creativity as a culture. Shapes and silhouettes were a flagrant reference to the Islamic burka, a modern symbol which immediately sparks debate within the western world, with regards to freedom and expression of identity.