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Christopher Kane AW14

"I don't see any of those fabrics as being bad taste" – Kane finds an off-kilter beauty in banality

Initial reaction: 

“Sometimes it’s good to get it all out!” exclaimed Christopher Kane after his show. This season he elevated the banal and the everyday (nylon garments and plastic shoes were inspired by protective wear at hospitals) and experimented with the codes of his own archive: hypnotic neons, inky black patents and floral prints transformed into lace.   

Christopher Kane on elevating bad taste: 

“I don’t see any of those fabrics as being bad taste. I think people need to open their minds a lot about it, seriously. Nylon has been here for how long? Even patent and neon, it’s all around us and people need to deal with it!” (laughs) 

Unexpected details: 

Rainbow coloured diamante that appeared to be thrown onto garments – in homage to Kane’s teenage years obsessively watching beauty pageants. 

Contortion of fabrics: 

Kane closed the show with a series of organza dresses, which unravelled like the pages of the book and were made up of 54 rolls of fabric. Sleeves were crafted as spiral sculptures that wrapped their way over the models arms. 

Stand out looks: 

A Black PVC jacket worn with pink mink fur – classic Kane at it’s best.

Models: Ola Rudnicka, Nicole Keimig (@NicoleKeimig), Estella Brons (@EstellaBrons), Katlin Aas (@AasKatlin), Mariina Keskitalo (@MariinaKes), Kassandra Jensen (@Kassandrajensen), Fenq Qi Wen, Mijo Mihaljcic (@mijomihaljcic), Marie Piovesan, Karolina Kurkova (@KarolinaKurkova), Kia Low, Anna Levichkina, Tess Hellfeuer.