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Pringle cover

Pringle of Scotland AW14

A future knitwear vision of engineered construction and high tech cashmere blends

Initial reaction:

Knitwear stripped back to its bare principles, and reconstructed for new world environments with high-tech engineering and sci-fi materials.


Head designer Massimo Nicosia collaborated with architect and ‘material scientist’ Richard Beckett to rethink the way we knit through industrial engineering principles. The result? Unimaginable blends of cashmere and synthetic fibres, and intricate construction.

Cult status:

With an almost 200 year heritage, Pringle has a rich British fashion history to draw upon. Mod polo shirts were reimagined with fluted sleeves, and the argyle pattern became delicate 3D diamond scales


Cable knits featured gauzy panels of laddered threads, and a coat came divided into squared off sections, some loosely patched together, another left to fall open at its seam revealing a glossy black lining.


This vision of the future played out against the grand interiors of the 18th century Savile House gentleman’s club in Mayfair. The ornate and gilded space served to elevate the tech-focused collection from cold and scientific to beautiful and attainable for everyday.