The ATL Twins shake up New York Fashion Week

Watch the outrageous duo take over the front row of Hood by Air in this hilarious mini-doc

"The weirdest guys you've ever met in your life," according to rapper/stripper Brooke Candy, the ATL Twins are the cocksure duo made famous by Harmony Korine in Spring Breakers. In this hilarious mini-doc they storm the front row of Hood by Air at New York Fashion Week, shoving aside editors (who have to find other seats) to flash their grills and soak in the spectacle. The irony is, they become the spectacle, taking names and numbers. "Everything we wear, we wear with confidence," they say. "We make sure shit folds right." Never denying a photo-op or an offer for a quickie, the twins – who eat, sleep and fuck together – rake in the free gifts and spread the love.


FILM Liza Mandelup

INTERVIEW Katherine Bernard