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Rodarte AW14

A Rodarte geek-off in bejewelled 70s prom dresses, sparkly lurex and Star Wars prints

Initial reaction:

A hodgepodge of all things nerdy – grandma glasses, sparkly berets, cheesy crystal dotted prom shoes, handmade crochet. Oh, and Star Wars. As usual, the Rodarte sisters bring what makes them geek out into a high fashion context with unexpectedly pleasing results. Reference: any dumpy library girl who ever got invited to prom at the end of the movie and wowed all the mean kids with her own, quirky handmade style.


A floaty, folky mix that included The Steve Miller Band and Chris Spedding.

Make up:

Mouths matted with copper glitter worn with long-sleeve pastel 70s-style prom dresses. Imagine if you were watching the school dance scene from Virgin Suicides...on 'shrooms.

You nerds:

Is that Han Solo? The audience was shocked by the finale dresses, all printed with Star Wars references from the Death Star to Yoda to R2D2 and CP30.

The set:

A fluorescent light spiral (a galaxy shape, perhaps) laid out on the floor. As guests walked in PR guards made a blockade around the installation. Still two people tripped, knocking the bulbs out of their cases with a loud clang.