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Opening Ceremony AW14

Exploring sensory experience with chocolate dripping walls and graphic thumb prints

TextEmma WymanPhotographyLea Colombo

Initial reaction:

Last season, the Opening Ceremony show was a spectacle: models were chauffeured into the massive empty Chelsea pier show space in luxury automobiles. Last night we were hit instead with a rich, sensory overload: upon entering the space all guests were given bars of Belgium chocolate, and were instructed to eat them while the show took place. As we took our seats, the overwhelming scent of sweet chocolate enveloped us.


Technology, sensory experience and Belgium – specifically Antwerp.


An extra long one sided runway, where the audience watched models walk alongside large engraved wall panels with giant thumbprint motifs. When the womenswear section of the show started, about a quarter of the way through, chocolate started dripping from the top of the wall panels, filling the grooves of the engraved thumbprints.

How they wore it:

Graphically: womenswear combined oversized winter coats with asymmetric short jersey skirts. They appeared to be modeled on someone who had accidentally put both legs through one trouser leg while getting dressed ­– an interesting play on sports wear. Boots with an elasticated top slouched slightly down the leg, with the silver zip running down the front gaping open.


Sequin spherical lunar motifs that dotted the last few black looks of the show, high five hand prints over trousers, and the Ordnance Survey map-like lines of a thumb print that swirled over full sweaters.  Menswear featured geometric panels intersected by half open zips.