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Creatures of the Wind AW14

Inspired by a trip to Japan, the duo present a collection of serenity styled by Dazed's Emma Wyman

Initial reaction:

High fashion quietude. Driven by a mood: throwing on a long, warm coat as you step outside into a prayer garden to contemplate the dawn. As the sun continues to rise small rose buds are visible, as well as the bark on the trees. The collection evoked the serenity of walking alone with a blanket – or, in this case, a circle cape – draped around your shoulders. Comfort (especially in the mink caps and Tabitha Simmons' peep toe flats).


The Japanese Pavillion at LACMA, a place of calm for designers Chris Peters and Shane Gabier.


Echoey night crickets led into a slowed down cover of Peter Schilling's Major Tom. The tinsel-y crooning sounded like a faraway voice, evoking the sense of transcendence Shane and Chris explore in the collection. The most grounded silhouettes bring us distance from the physical world. The lyrics go: "Earth below us, drifting falling, floating weightless, coming home..."

Colour story:

The colour palette moved from black and asphalt grey to forest green, navy and deep jade, to pale strawberry whip, rose dust and pure bone white. Shane Gabier compared the transition to a sunrise.

Coat conclusion:

"We always ended with gowns in the past, and we wanted to focus on a coat that functioned like a gown. Gowns didn't make sense with the overall feeling, which we wanted to be dense and intense, yet not at all controlled or hard. It was a soft ending." – Chris Peters and Shane Gabier. 

Models: Janice Alida (@janicealida), Athena Wilson, Emma Oak (@emma_oak), Kayley Chabot (@kayleychabot), Giedre Kiaulenaite, Esmerelda Seay-Reynolds, Maggie Maurer (@maggiejmaurer), Ji Hye Park (@JiHyePark0206), Daphne Velghe (@daphnevelghe), Rose Cordero (@cordero_rose), Marie Piovesan, Drake Burnette (@_mamajama), Lieve Dannau (@LieveDannau).