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Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture SS14

Dita Von Teese joins Gaultier's butterfly troupe to slink and shimmy down the catwalk

TextSusie LauPhotographyLea Colombo

Initial reaction:

A celebration of women who flaunt to empower themselves, from haughty Parisiennes with their sharp shouldered tailoring, to carnival showgirls and burlesque dancers. 


The central motif was the butterfly, which gradually emerged through the show as they appeared in the rhodoid wings on bibi hats, as sequined decoration on chiffon dresses and close-up detailing of butterflies enlarged into criss-cross net skirts.  The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly was echoed in the gradual build-up from demure black dresses to Josephine Baker frocks that shimmy and shine.   

How they wore it: 

Feathers sprouting from the models' heads were so heavy that they looked like they might topple as their headdress bobbed up and down on the runway.  The closing bridal lace basque look was finished off with a giant plume of white ostrich feathers shrouded by a veil.

Stand out pieces:

A red fishnet fishtail dramatic skirt made out of twisted chiffon and a column shift dress, heavy with pearl and metal chains. 

The surprise appearance:

Jean Paul Gaultier called upon his friend Dita Von Teese to appear towards the end of a show in his signature corset, which was shaped to look like an exotic turquoise butterfly.  She oozed down the catwalk and struck burlesque poses at every turn, egged on by the cries of "Dita!" from the audience.