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Charlie Le Mindu Haute Couture SS14

Fast forward to a cyber world of neon seapunks, whipping their blinding hair back and forth

TextSusie LauPhotographyLea Colombo

Initial reaction:

If brightly coloured corals from under the sea fused with humans to make a new species and found themselves inside Cyber Dog, the cult rave and trance gear shop in Camden. 

The real inspiration:

The seapunk and spacepunk movement – discovering a new world where man has not been yet but might be tangible in the future. 

The bodies:

Since Charlie Le Mindu is an extreme hairdresser who presented a series of headpieces and wigs, the bodies got the Matrix treatment thanks to black latex catsuits.

How they moved: 

Think Mystique from X-Men, Grace Jones dancing in the 1986 film ‘Vamp’, and voguing in ‘Paris is Burning’. These creatures glided, slid and flexed their limbs down the runway. One particular model whipped his hair back and forth like his life depended on it. Willow Smith’s song has taken on a whole new meaning.  

The process:

It took Le Mindu months in darkness to perfect the blindingly bright neon hues that got the audience oooh-ing and aaah-ing at every model. They glow both under UV light and in the light of day.