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Matthew Bell (Elite) Y-3 AW14

Y-3 AW14

Superheroes in manga print and neon stripe, encased in Yamamoto's distinctive volume

Initial reaction:

Yohji Yamamoto’s superheroes descend for the Y-3 debut at Paris Fashion Week.

Superhero utopia:

Pre-transformation Clark Kent’s in khaki casual wear, zip hoodies and navy parkas opened the show. Comic, hulk-like silhouettes came in full shorts drawn in at the knee, while hand drawn manga illustrations adorned sweat pants and coats in teal and grey. Kapow stripes of neon orange and blue cut through tailored shirts and jackets.

Yamamoto dystopia:

Yamamoto’s distinctive aesthetic came in the predominance of black, and the voluminous silhouetes, like the swoop of grey wool cape – the tri Adidas stripe looping the body.

Boy meets girl:

Kick ass superhero partners in crime, in furry shorts and pom pom shoes, their hair styled in a fifties fringe roll. Styling had an urban masculine edge, in overcoats, crisp shirts and an oversized leather sleeved hoody.

Quote of the show:

"The collection is an homage to the couturiers of he 60s. I was also thinking of super heroes and the kind of clothes they wear. I brought these two worlds together" Yohji Yamamoto