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DSquared2 AW14

Jailhouse rock in boiler suit jackets, restraining leather straps and cell block branding

Initial reaction:

Jailhouse rock, with rockabilly influences


Caten's Penitentiary at the Alcatraz club: shackles and chains bolted to the cement grey runway, giant guitars on the walls, and curtains opening to reveal a full cell block set complete with guys pumping iron, boxing and doing push ups. The show opened with police sirens and dogs barking as a boy in a straitjacket and tiny shorts was dragged down the runway to his cell by two male nurses in mint green shorts and matching shirts. Mid-show the models posing in the upstairs cells started taking their shirts off.

Behind bars:

Orange boiler suit bomber jackets, and quilted t-shirts with ‘Caten’s Penitentiary’ printed across the back. The dark indigo denim had an American rockabilly vibe, while denim jackets closed with leather strap details hinted at something darker, like mental institutions. Bad boys wore beefed-up padded trousers, and buttoned-up white shirts with ‘D Squared 2 Cell Block No24689’ branded on their chest. ‘Doctors’ mingled among inmates carrying neat briefcases and doctors bags, wearing buttery jackets, buttoned up white shirts with ties and grey pullovers. The final blood red coat felt like a sinister end.

How they wore it:

With beanies and stomping Doc Marten style boots. Cheeks were ruddy like they’d been doing hard labour all day in the sun.


Insane, literally.

“I want MY cigarettes” scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
“My life” – Billy Joel
“Insane in the brain” – Richard Cheese
“Insane” – Eminem
“My way” – Sid Vicious
“Insane in the brain” – Cypress Hill