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John Varvatos AW14

KISS-inspired dark rock princes in reworked tuxedos, top hats and leather leggings

Initial reaction:

Dark rock princes led by KISS kings: Varvatos has been working with the band on his new campaign, and they inspired the AW14 collection.

The KISS appeal:

Metallic crocodile skin-look jackets, top hats, leather leggings, rock and roll chains hanging from waistbands and looping round legs – like a dark gentleman’s pocket watch – and a nightmare cape with leather shoulder spikes. Some models wore KISS make up. Reworked tuxedos in glittery finishes, spidery prints and angelic white were subtler looks.


The audience buzzed with KISS rumours, titillated further by the dark setting: a medieval castle backdrop with stone walls, iron chandeliers and candles everywhere.

Quote of the show:

"For me, it is the idea of the superhero, a man in disguise with incredible powers, that makes the KISS myth so enduring and appealing, and it's exactly that mindset that I wanted to explore, adding a dash of fantasy to my work while keeping tailored finesse and elegance high on the agenda." John Varvatos

Viral moment:

As Rock & Roll All Nite by KISS announced the finale, KISS joined Varvatos for his bow. MEGA. Show goers were singing as they walked out.