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Agi & Sam AW14
Backstage at Agi & Sam AW14Joe Ridout

Agi & Sam AW14

Travels through Masai territory inspire puritan prints and middle eastern silhouettes

Initial reaction:

Signature print on print with a puritan underpinning as Agi & Sam explore African influences.


Inspired by Agi Mdumulla’s recent travels through Masai territory. A stripped-back exploration of African clothing and prints, fused with pieces that are traditionally considered western.


Long, stark layers: coats, tunics and angular cut tops that hung flat over the torso. Ankles were exposed and a continuous focus as models walked in dark slippers. The white or black felt hats were made in collaboration with Yashkator.


Masai check was refined to a monochrome print, as if photocopied on grey scale. Some prints became almost op-art in design, while others were so fine it looked like white noise on a TV screen. Oil logos blown up over tops were a commentary on conglomerates in a poverty-stricken country.


Live drumming opened and closed the show, while pounding African bass soundtracked the models as they walked.