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Sibling AW14

Voluminous knit, coal-black metallics and pimping fur for Sibling's ode to workingmen

Initial reaction:

Volume, fur, knit…and more volume: Sibling presented a tribe of buff warriors in ceremonious crochet throws, bright fur and Puma sneakers.

How they wore it:

Layers upon layers of merino wool leggings, cardigans, denim jackets and patchwork jeans, topped with mink fur mini capes and thick scarves. Leg warmers were folded over tops of sneakers, and socks were pulled to the knees with shorts. Knitted peaked caps sat high at an angle on the head, a collaboration with milliners Bernstock Speirs.


A midnight black long fur coat, worn over a sequined blue and black bomber jacket with deep elastic waistband, worn over a — wait for it — pale green onesie. Like what Snoop Dogg (sorry, Lion) would wear to take out the dustbins.

Prints please:

In the show notes, Sibling said the collection was a “love letter to workingmen”, and colours mimicked an up t’north mining landscape – the black shimmer of coal, grey, berry and arsenic. Leopard print was imagined in shades of maroon, and bright interlinking chain prints looked like knit blown up on a photocopier.

Stand out look:

Metallic black outsized crochet adorning a bright blue fluffy knit, worn over a black sweater with large leather perforated heart – motifs based on lace work and love tokens featured. The final look of metallic midnight grey crochet knit shorts and sweater – and not a lot else – was both intricate and refined.