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Harry Smart (Supa) backstage at Kit Neale AW14Shot by Joe Ridout

Kit Neale AW14

Mourning the loss of Elephant & Castle's Heygate estate through trippy camo and hidden rats

Initial reaction: 

Thrown back to teenage memories of buying counterfeit goods in Elephant and Castle shopping centre. I just wish I had been wearing Kit’s collection. 

Stand out looks: 

The extreme camouflage prints in a series of trippy colours fit for an urban nomad. 

Best bit: 

Playing spot the rats on the models. Neale had covered his garments in rat prints and even had them hanging from key rings in rather suggestive places. 


“After last season’s Peckham Riviera we moved up the road, on the number 12 bus, to Elephant and Castle. It’s all being regenerated and that’s the whole point of the crumbled set, it’s about to be demolished. It feels like a final farewell. It’s something as a kid I would go past every day and for me, it’s become so iconic.“– Kit Neale. 

Kit Neale on the craziest thing he's worn on the streets of south London:  

“I really shouldn’t be telling you this but a couple of times I would go to school with tights on. Actually I went to my school prom in a dress. It was horrific. It was toxic turquoise blue made out of taffeta. Oh my god it was gross. But yeah, I really like to push the boundaries!” – Kit Neale.

Kit Neale shared this – slightly creepy – late eighties Sugar Puffs advert as his YouTube clip of AW14: