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Backstage at MAN: Craig Green AW14Shot by Lea Colombo

MAN: Craig Green AW14

Utilitarian leather harnesses create subtle sculpture, whilst skirts form a ceremonial mood

Initial impression:

Utilitarian for the romantic generation.  

Standout looks:

The incredible hand-painted and faded print-on-print exits that took their point of departure in Persian rugs, underscoring Green's 'anti-digital' ethos. The austere yet rich floor length eighties coats and skirts were a subtle feminine nod that somehow strengthened the overall masculinity.


Quite pared-down compared to Green's previous oversize wooden body sculptures but a strong and focused collection with intriguing prints and a pensive, almost ceremonial mood.  

How they wore it:

Utilitarian leather harnesses/bags worn across the body felt like scaled-down installation pieces.

Quote of the show:

“The prints were all hand painted, really intricate and then we washed them up like tapestries. Persian rugs were the idea. So a kind of low-fi opulence and clashing with functional workwear. The layers of skirts are bold masculine, and we wanted it to feel romantic, old and romantic. Kind of…found.” Craig Green

Craig Green selected Carpenters "Close To You" as his YouTube clip of AW14.