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Jeremy Matos (left, Independent Men) and Frederik Meijnen (right, Major) backstage at Jonathan Saunders Menswear AW14Shot by Joe Ridout

Jonathan Saunders AW14

Declaring a love for “hot pikeys” with harlequin knits and eighties sportswear silhouettes

Initial reaction:

Acid pink, dirty khaki and a sickly yellow: once again Saunder’s displays his intuition for making all the wrong colour combinations work together beautifully.

References: Saunders quoted 'balletic pikeys' (Yes really.) Early eighties sportswear silhouettes in the form of zip tops, racing jackets and printed tracksuits were upgraded to new luxe heights in sumptuous print and silk.


Saunder’s collaboration with Lyle & Scott was loud in the vivid knits and polka dot polos. Harlequin diamonds in monochrome and cherry red were graphic punctuation in a presentation of stripes.

How they wore it:

With slicked hair in deep-sided partings; well-polished shoes with primary coloured soles; without fear of clashing prints, colours and silhouette.

Quote of the show:

"I like pikeys. Pikeys are hot. I love all of that. I've been looking at a lot of contemporary dance and saw some pictures of dancers wearing tracksuits and thought it looked quite elegant. This season is a lot more gritty and raw than previous seasons but at the same time also refined. It's taking something so disposable and cheap like an early eighties tracksuit and these almost tacky references and elevating them. The colours are quite angry and aggressive, like this hideous eighties hot pink but when you look at them all together it works." Jonathan Saunders.

Models: Jeremy Mattos, Claes Nordstrom (@claesnordstrom), Dillon Barnes (@DillonBarnes), Frederik Meijnen (@frederikmeijnen), Namanja Maksic, Michael Lang, Abel Van Overan (@AbelVanOeveren), Andre Bona (@andregbona), Matthew Bell (@matthewbell93), Valters Medinas (@teriyakipapi), Almantas (@Almantas_), Kristoffer Hasslevall, Bastien Thierry (@BastianThiery), Harvey James (@harvjam), Alexander Murphy (@taggaflip), Janis Ancens (@dirtylogger),  Linus Gustin (@linusgustin), Dylan Lewis, Shaun Simmonds