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Dylan River (Models 1) backstage at Lou Dalton AW14Shot by Joe Ridout

Lou Dalton AW14

Punk infused farmhands pair acid-pink denim with faded corduroy and thick cream knits

Initial reaction

Beautifully dressed farmhands with an air of punk about them. Traditional working clothes with a poetic and sensual feel, washed out and bleached from wind and sun.


Cord flat caps by Bernstock Spiers, and thick cream rollneck scarves worn over khaki shirts and loosely belted trench coats.

Unexpected details:

Pink acid-dyed denim-on-denim, and a peep of camo print at the collar and shirt tails beneath a soft white sweater.The combination of subtle military detailing and farm workwear brings to mind the young men who marched from their villages to go to war.


Dalton's uncle who took over the family farm at a young age. The contrast of youth and responsibility came out in Dalton's layering of pink-hued Fair Isle jumpers and bleached, rolled-up denim - tradition versus something more rebellious.

Quote of the show:

"I built a narrative around the young farm hand, living in a caravan at the back of a farm. I wanted the collection to not be too heritage, but to be quite sexy and something that everybody can relate to. And what’s really interesting, the response from everybody, is they kind of got that. I’ve been so petrified that nobody would get it! I've been doing a lot of research on Dorothea Lange and the Great Depression and these guys working the land. They were wearing anything they could get their hands on, bleaching and destroying the clothes." Lou Dalton  

Models: Alek Stoodley, Alexander Laible, Jonas Koch, Chris Beek (@Chrisbeeek), Malcolm De Ruiter (@malcolmderuiter), Chris Davis (@thecdavis), Dylan River, Botond Cseke (@csekebotond09), Kristoffer Hasslevall, Elijah Tyedmers (@ely_tyedmers), Michelangelo, Roberto Sipos (@robertosipos), Simon Fitskie (@SimonFitskie), Valter Torsleff (@ValterTorsleff), Martin Lekic (Nevs), Dominik Sadoch (@dominik_sadoch)