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Maarten van der HorstPhotography by Nicholas Moore

Tinaween's top 10 “Bloodbath on Broadway” costumes

The notorious extravaganza brought the Big Apple's best numbers to London's Metropolis

Blood-soaked Carries and nubbin-topped Mileys queued for Halloween's most graphic halloween extravaganza in town thrown by Robbie Spencer, Johanna Lacey and Isaac Lock. The theme this year? Bloodbath on Broadway – a scant visual of the best on- and off-stage musicals paraded in a sea of costumes. Grease, Catz, Wicked, Starlight Express, Rocky Horror, Little Shop of Horrors – some went a little off-piste, dressing as Lady Marmalade and Rihanna, whose denim thong laid down the law. Downstairs, the stripper poles were gratuitously exercised on. Upstairs, the sandy beach room hosted by Bleach London and LUVLUVLUV records complemented the eeriest of costumes. Browse the gallery of costumes, and see below who made the top 10 costumes of the night.