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James Pecis's Top moments

From mohawks to A&E disasters, we chart hairdresser James Pecis's top FW moments

"Four cities, twenty-four shows, one awesome team and two glasses of wine," read James Pecis's final fashion week instagram. Over the last month the New York based hairdresser has been responsible for some of the stand-out looks of fashion week, including the knotty punk mohawks at Simone Rocha and the exaggerated, windswept creations at MM6.

Taking on the hashtag as a member of our #Dazedinsider team we tracked him (@jamespecis) over this last month for a behind the scenes, humourous documentation of all the Meadham Kirchhoff wig-prepping, A&E going, mini figurine skate-boarding that took place this season. Here, we fire away with a few final fashion week questions.

DD: What's your poison? 

James Pecis: Fresh figs in Paris.

DD: Biggest high during fashion week? 

James Pecis: Chloé was number 23 of 24.... the team and I were so happy knowing that we had one left to go, so  we did a group dance.

DD: Earliest call time? 

James Pecis: We had a couple 5:30 am call times. My team is never late, no matter how early the call time is.

DD: What's your go to spot in London, Paris and Milan?

James Pecis: London - "Yoga on the Lane" in Dalston... Stretch it out. 
Milan - Antonio Marras concept store; the most magical place in all of Milano, gaurenteed.
Paris - "Bob's Kitchen" for lunch and "Derriére" for dinner. 

DD: How many hours did it take to prep Meadham Kirchhoff's red wigs?

James Pecis: The prep for the Meadham Kirchhoff wigs started in New York. Special wigs had to be ordered, sewn, sent to be colored by Rachel Bodt and set on a tiny tong... Half were finished when NYFW was over and the other half was finished in London. The, ten team members piled in a london hotel room finishing it off.

DD: Simone Rocha's mohawks or Meadham Kirchhoff's red locks? 

James Pecis: Depends on the day... Why not both? Alter them like your socks.

DD: Any horror stories? 

James Pecis: We had 1 of 7 bags lost on our flight from Milano to Paris. It came a few days later.

DD: Any other unexpected moments during fashion week? 

James Pecis: A cheap shot to the eye, resulting in two months of eye medicine... Thank God it happened in the UK - I LOVE the NHS. 

DD: What keeps you going? 

James Pecis: The energy of my team and chia seeds.

DD: Who is Andrew and how did he come into your life?

James Pecis: Andrew lives in my pocket and was given to me by my boy @aschoultz

DD: What was Andrew's favourite fashion week moment! 

James Pecis: He loves getting his picture taken. Anytime out of the pocket is quality time...

DD: What's the first thing you did after your final show? 

James Pecis: Went to breakfast with my team.

DD: Strongest hair look for next season?

James Pecis: This was a fun season for hair. The strongest looks were: MM6, Meadham Kirchhoff, Simone Rocha, Manish Arora - these were a few of the full on moments. 

Dazed Digital: The highlights?

James Pecis: Not really into them. I prefer natural hair color!