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Maja Salamon at NextPhotography by Lea Colombo

Prada SS14

Miuccia sets the blueprint for SS14: tube socks, ruffled bras and face printed dresses

TextSusie LauPhotographyLea Colombo

Initial reaction:

The coolest pop art girl gang in town. 


Mod, Rainbow Brite, seventies sport-chic a la Margot and Richie Tenanbaum, all at once.

Stand out looks:

All of them? Ruffled bras worn over embellished princess coats. The hibiscus printed fur coat. The gemstone-heavy face-off dresses combined with sporty knit detailing.      


Prada invited muralists Miles ‘El Mac’ Gregor, Mesa, Gabriel Specter, and Stinkfish, and illustrators Jeanne Detallante and Pierre Mornet, to interpret themes of femininity and power on the walls of the Via Fogazzaro show space as part of their ‘In the heart of the Multitude’ project.  

Unexpected details:

Freshly bleached or dyed hair to match the archetypal female faces on the walls.   


An uncharacteristic pop mix featuring M.I.A 's Bring the Noize and Britney Spears' Work Bitch.  

Viral moment:

It's Britney bitch!  

Couldn’t stop staring at:

The footless hockey tube socks, which graced every look - sometimes plain, sometimes embellished. 

Least likely to:

Be worn by any actual female hockey players.  


Postcards of the faces featured on the showiest murals that would then grace the dresses.  

Models: Amanda Murphy, Mariana Santana (@mariaanasantana), Nika Cole, Julia Bergshoeff (@juliabergshoeff), Ola Rudnicka, Anna Ewers, Katlin Aas (@AasKatlin), Vanessa Axente (@VanessaAxente), Devon Windsor (@devwindsor), Harleth Kuusik (@harlethkuusik), Mijo Mihaljicic, Irina Liss, Joanna Tatarka, Nastya Sten (@Kusakina_Nastya), Linn Arvidsson, Paulina King, Sabrina Ioffreda, Irene Hiemstra, Meghan Collinson (@meghancollison), Malaika Firth (@malaikafirth), Emma Champtaloup, Maarjan R, Maja Salamon, Chiharu Okunugi (@chiharuuu0515), Binx Walton (@waltonleona), Betty Adewole (@BettyAdewole), Emilie Ellehaugue, Grace Mahary (@gracemahary), Magdelena Jasek (@magdalena_jasek), Eva Berzina, Lindsey Wixson (@lindseywixson), Anabela B, Sasha Luss (@RealSashaLuss), Fei Fei Sun (@FeiFeiSunSun), Irina Kravchenko, Julie Hoomans (@Julie_Hoomans), Cameron Russell (@CameronCRussell), Daiane Conterato (@daianeconterato)