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Introducing our Milan #dazedmodelinsider

Revealing all at Milan Fashion Week is our third insider, Liu Wen

Milan fashion week begins tomorrow, and Liu Wen, our third #dazedmodelinsider is already there – poised to fill us all in on the Milan happenings through the #dazedmodelinsider hashtag.

Having walked in some of the biggest shows of New York and London, including yesterday’s Burberry show, @LiuWenLW fulfils her status as one of the world’s most successful models today. We had caught up with her earlier this year after she starred in our Fantasia issue, wearing Dior Haute Couture by Raf Simons, so when it came to picking our insider, Liu Wen was top of our list.

Before we let Liu Wen loose on the hashtag, we set her a little Dazed pop quiz.

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Did you dream last night? 

I dreamed that I was physically fighting with someone! Not that I've actually done that, but I've been doing more extreme activities, like rock climbing…and I've wanted to train myself via boxing. So that might be why.

During fashion week, what's your guilty pleasure? 

My guilty pleasure is always French Fries! They're just too irresistible.

On a night out, what's your go to dance move? 

I'm not that good at dancing…so I'll just say the Hawaii hula dance.

Have you ever tripped and fallen on the runway? 

No, not yet. I hope I never do!

What shows are you most looking forward to in Milan?

There are too many to name…Milan is home to so many incredible international brands!

If your clothes could talk right now, what would they say?

I'm actually wearing a Tasmanian Devil Looney Tunes sweatshirt right now, so I guess it would be gibberish!

What’s the most amount of countries you’ve visited in one week?

Wow, I'm digging through my memory for this! Once I went from New York to Shanghai, back to New York, then New York to Beijing, and then Beijing to Paris all in one week! I don't know how I managed that.

Have you ever missed a show? 

No, not yet. Again I hope I never do…

What’s your go to phrase when lost in translation?

"Oops. I mean…"

What's the best thing you've ever captured on Instagram? 

I'm scrolling through my Instagram history right now…(Follow me on @LiuWenLW!) It's a bit typical but I have to say the night view from the Empire State Building. It's just so, so incredible: