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Maria Loks at NextPhotography by Rachel Chandler

Peter Pilotto SS14

Architectural silhouettes, suspended prints and orchid lace for Pilotto's princesses

Initial reaction:

Print princesses who don’t do trousers.

Stand out looks:

The use of orchid lace layered over tweed and digital prints.

Unexpected details:

Black crinolines that suspended the explosive prints in mid-air.

Quote of the show:

“The crinolines are to do with this idea of cinematic perspective and perspective achieved with light and shadow. You could see through the layers and it was like bringing our prints into this more 3D world,” Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos


“We were inspired by Ken Price, an American ceramic artist who also did amazing paintings. He did all these layers of different paintings and created these beautiful textures. So the bold colour range came a lot from that,” the duo told us.


Less body conscious. This season, dresses stood away from the body.


An almost glossy skin to underscore the collection’s light-infused theme.


Iridescent Nicholas Kirkwood heels.


The basement of Victoria House, partitioned with coloured plexiglas.  


Before the show, the floor lit up with an announcement of the label’s upcoming collection for Target. 

Models: Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne), Louise Parker, Maria Bradley (@maria_bradley), Cristina Herrmann, Kayley Chabot (@kayleychabot), Yumi Lambert (@yumilambert), Alma Durand, Marie Piovesan, Kate Bogucharskaia (@foxy1kate), Josephine Van Delden (@josephinevandelden), Senait Gidey (@senaitgidey), Maria Loks, Xiao Wen Ju (@jujujuxiaowen), Yue Ning, Stephanie Hall (@StephMariaHall), Lisanne De Jong (@Lisanne_DJ), Marta Dyks (@martadixiedyks), Juliette Fazekas, Steffi Soede (@steffi), Zlata Mangafic (@zlatamangafic), Meghan Collison (@meghancollison), Patrycja Gardygajlo (@patrycjagardygajlo), Grace Hartzel, Ruby Jean Wilson (@rubyjean_wilson), Maddison Brown (@maddbrrown), Emilia Nawarecka (@emilianawarecka), Amra Cerkezovic, Tilda Lindstam (@tildalindstam), Drake Burnette