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Sam Rollinson at SelectPhotography Alexandra Waespi

J.W. Anderson SS14

Anderson on the 'avant-bland': Deconstructed classicism, Japanese detail and lots of skin

Initial reaction:

In Jonathan Anderson's own words "avant-bland."


Deconstructed classicism with a Japanese sensibility. 

Stand out look:

The artfully concertinaed origami dresses - delicate in detail yet rigid in form.

Unexpected details:

Ghostly sheer squares that appeared to float over the chest.


Rather than draping or cutting to fit, Anderson placed shapes onto the body, or wrapped and tied a whole swathe of material to form a dress.

How they wore it:

Like beautiful mannequins: with little embellishment and very few accessories.


For a collection that attempted a new approach to ‘dressing’ the female form, the shoes were a masculine familiarity: wide, black slip on flats.


After the architectural proportions of his menswear SS14 collection, JW Anderson stated that womenswear SS14 would have “a more relaxed structure.” “Something which has rigid elements, but is supported by a softer construction.”

Quote of the show:

“It’s a playful kind of classical beauty mixed with a new sense of the avant-bland.”

Least likely to:

Be wolf-whistled. For so much skin on show, there was a distinct lack of ‘sex’. 

Models: Harleth Kuusik (@harlethkuusik), Maartje Verhoef (@maartjeverhoef), Anouk Hagemeijer (@AnoukHagemeijer), Maja Salamon, Katlin Aas (@AasKatlin), Josephine Van Delden (@josephinevandelden), Manon Leloup (@manonleloup), Binx (@waltonleona), Betty Adweole (@bettyadewole), Olivia David (@OliviaRDavid), Amanda Murphy, Julia Fuchs (@Juliafrauche), Linn Arvidsson, Irene Hiemstra, Mijo Mihaljcic, Alex Yuryeva, Carla Ciffoni, Malaika Firth (@malaikafirth), Grace Mahary (@gracemahary), Tilda Lindstam (@tildalindstam), Kayley Chabot (@kayleychabot), Jamily Wernke Meurer, Grace Booth, Madison Leyes, Alexa Yudina (@alexayudina), Sam Rollinson (@samrollinson), Xiao Wen Ju (@jujujuxiaowen), Cristina Herrmann, Maartje Verhoef (@maartjeverhoef), Marine Deleeuw (@marine_deleeuw)