Mercedes–Benz Focus: Ann-Sofie Back

A pioneer of conceptual Swedish fashion, Ann-Sofie Back redefines femininity in Stockholm

Having completed her MA at Central Saint Martin's in 1998, Ann-Sofie Back is a veteran and driving force behind conceptual fashion in Sweden. Since Back's appearance on the fashion scene, she has consistently subverted femininity and its associated silhouettes, and subjected the whole area to an eccentric overhaul.

For SS14, ethereal sheer chiffon neckties were paired with masculine boxy shorts, and heels, futuristic extended transparent cones resting on spindly heels, complete with a wide strap adorned with 'BACK' in bold font. Back explains, "I love the Calvin Klein underwear from the 90s" and this logo-adorned, sporty undertone is evident throughout. Boisterous, raw lines further define the collection, but interjected with fleeting instances of feminine pleating and tulle sleeves. Never what you expect; but then again that isn't what Back does.

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Director: Sam Rowland

Music: Nikitch - Don't Know why