Mercedes–Benz focus: Erik Bjerkesjo

Contemporary twists on classic Italian designs, Bjerkesjo is making waves in Stockholm

Stockholm-hailed extraordinaire Erik Bjerkesjo is truly making waves on the design scene; his work consisting of considerations in men's shoes and menswear collections. After mastering advanced footwear design at Polimoda, Bjerkesjo began harnessing his talents to employ a contemporary twist on the classic Italian shoe design.

For Erik Bjerkesjo, the devil really is in the detail, and this is evident in his SS14 showings. From the 18-carat gold seams, to the intricate engraved logo stamp immediately visible from a flick of the heel. Finishing touches even include magenta nail-polish that match the crisp palette of the collection, and which artfully offset the muted chocolates and ebonys of the footwear.

Erik Bjerkesjo seems all too aware of the impact he is making, as he explains "If you have new ideas and people are inspired by it, then you stay alive a little bit longer." That a design can essentially immortalize you is a widely-covetable feat, and one that Bjerkesjo is slowly achieving, one step at a time.

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Director: Sam Rowland

Music: Glenn Astro - Fizzy Water