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Lindsey Wixson at The SocietyPhotography by Lea Colombo

Marc By Marc Jacobs SS14

In prom tuxes, op-art jumpsuits and sneakers of youth, MJ asks 'What would Pussy Riot do?'

Initial impression:

A white tee and sneakers go with anything.

Reminds us of:

What fashion kids wish they wore to the homecoming game and dance.

Best women's look:

Julia Nobis in an aquamarine sequin flapper dress worn nineties style over a white long sleeve tee.

Best men's look:

Black satin MJ letterman jacket – now leading the SS14 branding game.


Jeffrey Lewis' new track WWPRD. An acronym for "What Would Pussy Riot Do?", the song calls youth to take a hard look at the art they consume:

You're the power, you're the biz / The world is what you say it is...
So at least I can ask me and you can ask you / What would Pussy Riot do?

So What Would Pussy Riot Do?:

Probably not attend a fashion show.

How they wore it:

Navel-grazing pendants and rose-coloured glasses for the girls; black-lapel prom tuxes and metallic clutches for the boys.

Urban legend:

Black scarves wrapped around the neck like chokers recalled the children's horror story The Velvet Ribbon. (Spoiler: it holds her head on)

For the kids:

Fabrics that are luxe with fine finishings, but an aesthetic that's thrift-able for the actual high-schoolers who can't afford the real thing.


Pier 57, where just 36 hours earlier, Opening Ceremony after-party goers were necking tequila cocktails in the presence of Beiber. 

Models: Tamila Naeser, Nicole Pollard (@nicolepollard), Miriam Haney, Kate Goodling, Caroline Brasch Nielsen (@caroline_brasch), Kati Nescher, Lindsey Wixson (@lindseywixson), Natalia Siodmak, Sam Rollinson (@samrollinson), Mijo Mihaljcic, Esther Heesch (@estherheesch), Fei Fei Sun (@FeiFeiSunSun), Manon Leloup (@manonleloup), Tian Yi, Julia Nobis, Maria Loks, Nele Kenzler, Juliana Schurig (@Juliana_Schurig), Elisabeth Erm, Diana Moldovan, Lais Ribeiro (@Lalaribeiro16), Maria Palm, Marique Schimmel, Nadja Bender (@nadjabender), Nastya Kusakina, Tilda Lindstam (@tildalindstam), Kai Newman, Holly Rose Emery, Anna Ewers, Estee Rammant, Anne Verhallen, Nida Kazickaite, Josephine Le Tutour (@JosephineLT_), Maggie Jablonski, Vanessa Axente (@VanessaAxente)