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Photography by Mark Reay

Tim Coppens SS14

The Antwerp designer takes womenswear for a test drive in jumpsuits and tyre prints

Initial reaction:

You can trust Coppens behind the wheel.


1970s racing culture in Monaco and Monte Carlo.

Unexpected details:

Racing helmets, hidden drawstring waists and trompe l'oeil padding. 

Key change:

Four womenswear looks planted unexpectedly in the show.

Quote of the show:

"I'm testing the womenswear waters to see: does it work within the context of these men's looks?" Tim Coppens

Subtle print:

Blown-up stars taken from a vintage race helmet, and abstracted tyre tracks arranged like camouflage.

Last looks:

Navy jumpsuit with a zipper all the way down to the ankle.

Secret surprise:

Short jumpsuits finished like fine suits inside.


Shoes by Common projects

Most likely to:

Get you in the driving seat: the sleeves are sculpted to the shape of a driver’s arms at the wheel.