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Photography by Lea Colombo

Patrik Ervell SS14

Model over-board: Oshkosh jackets, sail cloth and ocean prints prove sea-worthy

First impressions:

Captain Ahab's men share a pint before heading out to sea.


Nautical themes in menswear history, from sailor tradition to eighties archive.

Unexpected details:

Old-school Oshkosh jackets, nylon sail cloth, bubbling ocean prints and shorts in sea-ready rubberized cotton.

How they wore it:

Zip-up drysuits worn under crisp blazers.

On deck:

Classic Chakos strappy sport sandals, waterproof of course.


Wet, slicked back waves breaking over the crown of the head and fanning out to the neck.


Echoey: like listening to the DJ at a pool party with your head under water.


A sea-foam runway.

The time to vine:

A model tripping over a protruding piece of foam during the finale.

Most likely to:

Be worn on a private jet flying from New York to Nantucket.

Models: Ian Sharp (@johnny_hollow_reaver), Robert Laby (@RobertLaby), Tino Thielens (@tinothielens), Laurie Harding (@LaurieHarding_), Max Von Isser (@MaxvonIsser), Arthur, Christian Garcia, Matt McGlone, Paris Nicholson (@ParisNicholson), Nicholas Costa, Jacob Scott (@jacobscot), Matthew Bell (@MatthewBell93), Michael Sutton, Collin Tennant, David Metcalfe, Kyle Mobus (@KyleMobus25), Ben Allen (@benjaminsallen), James Gatenby @JimmyGModel, Tommaso de Benedictis, Alexander Ferrario, Eli Hall (@eli_thehoneybadger), Ronald Epps (@ronald_epps), Sung Jin (@xavier_park), Arthur Gosse