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Louise Goldin SS14

White paint smeared over slicked hair and bulletproof fabrics at Louise Goldin

Initial reaction:

Modern day self-protection.

New innovations:

A bulletproof fabric Goldin programmed herself with a custom racket stitch.

Unexpected details:

Hair tightly wrapped, slicked flat and topped off with a smear of white paint - almost as if Rothko had attacked the models backstage. 


Kevlar vests and Kendo armour.

Least likely to:

Sacrifice function for form.

Pre-show atmosphere:

All iPhones on Kanye West in the front row.

Quote of the show:

"I keep telling people I was trying to do a classic cable knit, just a classic sweater but it's just not natural to me." - Louise Goldin

Stand out piece:

Amoeba-like lace pencil skirts in acid yellow.


Elastic topped leather heeled sandals by Guiseppe Zanotti.


Spoken word by Alexandre Varela and Sebastien Perrin.