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Katlin Aas at IMGPhotography by Mark Reay

Lacoste SS14

Minimalism reigns at NYFW; sheer on sheer and tonal trompe l'oeil at Lacoste

Initial reaction:

Structured lightness with a modernist edge.

Quote of the show:

"Even in tennis you have to play within the rules, inside the lines. On the other hand it's nice to break them." - Felipe Oliveira Baptista, designer.

Colour impressions:

Washed out hues of forest green, blush pink and burnt sienna.

How they wore it:

Sheer on sheer and neat blush sneakers with skirts. 


Graphic piped edging and trompe l’oeil, petit piqué bibs.


Founding fathers of minimalism: Sol Lewitt and Donald Judd.

Front row:

Stacked white cages in cityscape formations.

Show book:

Archive Lacoste images bound between transparent pages.


Odd Look by Kavinsky & The Weeknd feat. The Weeknd

Models: Julia Nobis, Sam Rollinson (@samrollinson), Kati Nescher, Mackenzie Drazan (@MackenzieDrazan), Fei Fei Sun (@FeiFeiSunSun) Elisabeth Erm, Auguste Abeliunaite, Vika Volkute, Tilda Lindstam (@tildalindstam), Marique Schimmel, Irina Nikolaeva, Irina Kravchenko, Magdalena Jasek (@magdalena_jasek), Maud Welzen (@maudwelzen93), Katya Riabinkina (@KRIABINKINA), Julia Frauche (@Juliafrauche), Valery Kaufman, Zlata Mangafic (@zlatamangafic), Muriel Beal (@murielBeal), Katlin Aas @Aaskatlin, Shayne Davis (@shaynedavis), Clement Chabernaud (@celementchabernaud), Botond Cseke (@csekebotond09), Arthur Gosse, Miles Langford (@mileslangford), Ben Lark, Paul Boche, Ian Sharp, Tommaso De Benedictis, Andrew Westermann, Dimitrij Vysokolyan, Botond Cseke, Ty Ogunkoya, Fernando Cabral, Arthur Daniiarov, Bastian Thiery