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20/20 Visions: Athena Wilson

Model and free spirit Athena Wilson aims for nothing but spontaneity

“People think I'm androgynous?” Athena Wilson flippantly questions. Her short hair and oval features make her the poster girl for androgyny. Wilson’s cool-girl attitude stems from a childhood in Orange County with a diving coach dad and a peacekeeping mom. Her lucid intentions for modeling were revealed when she signed up for a quick hundred only to pay for a bike. When not modeling, she climbs water towers à la What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993) and cites a grocery list of things that inspire her: “People clipping their fingernails on the subway, dog walkers, apple cores, broken umbrellas, notes left in used books…” A bit of a fey romantic, Wilson’s plans for the future are just as big a mystery as the arcane aura in which she basks. “I'd like to be doing something I’ve never done somewhere I’ve never been before.”


Patricia Arquette or Demi Moore?

Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins?
Smashing pumpkins.

Wu Tang or A Tribe Called Quest?

Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton?

Edward Furlong or Christian Slater?
Are they football players?

Poetic Justice or Menace II Society?
You’re losing me.

Jurassic Park or Groundhog Day?
Jurassic Park.

Trainspotting or The Virgin Suicides?
We’re talking books right? Virgin Suicides.

Beavis or Butthead?

Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell?

Mortal Kombat or Super Mario Bros?

Young and beautiful or old and wise?
Immortal and overly emotional.

Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Lollapalooza or LOLZ?
My room.

RuPaul or Ron Jeremy?

Retro or future?

Drunk or sober?
Am I alone? This is a loaded question.

War or peace?

Night or day?
I am the night.

Party or bullshit?
Whichever has more dancing.

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