Susie Bubble in conversation with Diane Pernet

Two of the world’s biggest bloggers go head to head and discuss the digital revolution

What would Susie Bubble and fellow blogger Diane Pernet’s lives be like without the internet? Diane counts as a pioneer of live-blogging and social media; she was one of the first people to blog on a phone straight from the shows in a pre-smartphone era. This obviously had a huge influence on Susie, who was just starting off. Today, she still cites Diane as one of her mentors. Here they discuss the multitude of different roles they play as bloggers, the boundless freedom of the internet, and how A Shaded View on Fashion drastically changed Susie’s perception of fashion.

Susie Bubble owes quite a bit to the online world – after starting her blog Style Bubble in 2006, she fell into fashion ‘‘purely as an accident’’. As part of Glacéau vitaminwater's #shinebright competition, Susie will be selecting her first-ever intern to work alongside her at London Fashion Week. The winner will be a well-organised young creative with an artistic and analytical approach, with entries hand picked by Susie from the very best #shinebright summer must-have pictures tweeted to her.

‘‘I'd really like that person to learn about fashion as I know it – that it involves a lot of hard working people, a lot of different components to come together in a fashion show and that ultimately there is a lot of graft involved to make those magic moments happen. You won't get very far if you're just hanging around in a sponsor's lounge quaffing champagne.’’ Susie will be teaching her young apprentice everything about setting up and organising their own blog, alongside giving them the chance to collaborate with her on London Fashion Week commissions.

To learn more about the #shinebright competition click here.

shot by Julien Pujol & Franck Bouron
edited by Steve McInerney
music by Alex Patchwork

produced by London Sessions Productions
for Dazed Digital 2013