In Trans: Paw Hansen's SS14 film

An exclusive film preview of new Danish designer Paw Hansen's SS14 collection

Perhaps the most practical way to present a collection is to convey the clothing in action. Paw Hansen did just that, instructing four models to perform routine activities – walking, jumping, doing a handstand against a wall – to demonstrate the flexibility of his garments. Hansen marries luxurious fabrics with classic cuts in this exclusive short film. The boys answer the off-camera inquisitions of arcane director Oliver Hadlee Pearch, their responses subbed in Norwegian.

"I have tried to do a collection that focuses on craftsmanship and quality but feels fresh and modern," says Hansen. "I did not want to get caught up in direct references too much so I just did things that felt right, like adding a really nice marl grey jersey lining to a hand perforated navy biker jacket." Biker jackets in leather pair with knee-length shorts, and provide just the right amount of leeway to spring from a staircase. Styled by John Colver and art directed by Jonathan Baron, the video is an experiment in display, and gives Paw Hansen's utilitarian SS14 collection a comical edge.