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Alexander McQueen Menswear SS14

Swarming insects, intricate cobweb knits and gothic skulls in a smoky haze

The derelict arches of Kings Cross served as the backdrop for yesterday’s Alexander McQueen show. Amongst the piles of decaying bricks and discoloured pillars, the sounds of swarming insects filled the air as Sarah Burton cast a magical and mysterious tone over yet another strong menswear collection. After the sounds of insects died down to silence, a smoky haze filled the air to reveal the first look of the show – a long white lace laser-cut jacket worn by a pale-faced dark-haired model. It set the precedent for a severely monochromatic collection and one that focused on fine details and dark prints. Black roses were embroidered over pin-stripped suits, whilst gothic lace covered full-length jackets occasionally revealing skulls amongst the gothic patterns. Alongside the beautiful tailoring and intricate print details, Sarah Burton injected a slight grungy feel to the collection with the addition of very fine, almost cobweb-like knitwear.