Boy Alone With Himself

Dazed presents an exclusive film for Felipe Rojas Llanos ahead of LC:M

For London Collections: Men, Dazed has commissioned three new fashion films that focus on emerging menswear designers based in London. Here, filmmaker Alexandros Pissourios captures Felipe Rojas Llanos’s collection in a surreal world that tells the story of a lonely boy through breakneck visuals and gleaming nihilism. Ahead of our screening of the film later this week, we spoke to designer Felipe Rojas Llanos about the film's story, and how the inspiration for his collection came out of a Frank Ocean listening session.

Dazed Digital: What do you want your work to say about you?

Felipe Rojas Llanos: My thought process is a little unconventional for menswear, I remember being told by Louise Wilson that I had a psychotic, obsessive mind, which I took as a compliment. I think I get really obsessive with the mood I want to create and romanticise my garments as if a man from a different time would wear them. I put a lot of effort into the individual pieces and hope they will be thought of as beautiful objects to wear rather than a seasonal garment.

DD: Tell us about the inspiration behind the collection?

Felipe Rojas Llanos: The concept of it got started while listening to the lyrics of Frank Ocean’s song: “Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends” on repeat. I remember reading an article on Vanity Fair about the Brant brothers [Harry & Peter] who were nicknamed “the New Princes of New York”. While reading about them I was having a coffee with one of my more spoilt friends who was explaining his spoilt friends' surreal view on everyday life, which is so unreal for the rest of society. My starting point was to create a collection for the New York Prince – it’s about something fake being your reality, and who decides what is what. It’s about a realistic fantasy world.

I was having a coffee with one of my more spoilt friends who was explaining his spoilt friends' surreal view on everyday life, which is so unreal for the rest of society.

DD: What was the direction for the film you created with Alexandros? What was the story you wanted to tell?

Felipe Rojas Llanos: I had a coffee with Alexandros prior to creating this. It was a brief encounter where we just clicked. I explained the aesthetic of my work, my ‘boy lost’ theme which underlines all my collections and he showed me his short films and his work blew me away. We brainstormed a short story about the inner person in this lonely boy in this surreal world. To me this is my work viewed through his eyes.

DD: LC:M has given menswear the chance to stand alone. What would you like to see going forward?

Felipe Rojas Llanos: I think for every season LC:M is growing stronger, so I think as long as we keep getting a great foothold and interest from the fashion industry we are heading in the right direction. I would like it to turn into a fashion week instead of weekend but I am sure that will slowly happen when more funding is provided. I am just glad to be able to be part of the LC:M in a creative way.

In the run up to the beginning of London Collections: Men later this week, we will be presenting a series of new films on London’s emerging designers. In association with the BFC, Dazed has commissioned three new films – each of which will be screened during an event on Sunday 16th June at the Hospital Club alongside a film for River Island and the official LC:M film by Matt Lambert.