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BackstagePhotography Dakota Gordon and Mitchell McLennan

Julia Nobis

Catching up at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia with the girl of the moment

It's all about Julia Nobis: the 20 year old Australian has enjoyed status as an international catwalk and campaign staple for the past couple of seasons. During her homecoming at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, she walked in almost every show. After a full-on season she was happy to be on familiar turf and old friends' runways. Backstage, Nobis she told us more about that, studying medicine and her pet turtle...

Dazed Digital: What's your home town?
Julia Nobis: Here! Sydney.

DD: Are you happy to be home? 
Julia Nobis: YES! Very, very happy. I'm staying at my parents' house and getting home cooked meals.

DD: Have you walked in the shows at Mercedes Benz fashion week Australia before? 
Julia Nobis: Yeah I have. I didn't do it last year but I did do the one before that.

DD: You've had a busy season. Do you have any favourite shows?
Julia Nobis: I don't know which one, but I suppose New York. I wear a lot of Proenza Schouler and Alexander Wang, they are just always really cool. It's good because I live there and I get to go home between shows and at the end of the day. With Sydney it's the same principle, though I get to see my family too. Definitely a good thing.

DD: Any highlights of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia?
Julia Nobis: I guess I'm going to be biased and say Phoenix Keating that I was just in. I've known him since we were four years old and I'm so proud of him!

DD: What music are you into? 
Julia Nobis: LOTS! I go from listening to heavy metal to dance and techno to classical.

DD: Favourite down time thing to do? 
Julia Nobis: I sit around, play guitar, and just chill, I'm a big fan of doing nothing. I like to hang out at home with my turtle too!

DD: What's your turtle's name? 
Julia Nobis: Corneilius, he's a little water terrapin and he lives in a little tank in my kitchen. I miss him! I haven't seen him in two weeks.

DD: Who's looking after Cornielius while you are away? 
Julia Nobis: No-one is, but I left him lots of extra food, they are very resilient creatures.

DD: When did you start modelling?
Julia Nobis: I'm 20 now and have been modelling full time for three years. I was discovered at 15 and held out until I finished high school before I went overseas and started doing this.

DD: What would you be doing if you weren't modelling?
Julia Nobis: Focusing on my studies. I'm studying at the moment and will eventually become a doctor. I want to work in emergency.

DD: Will you stay in New York?
Julia Nobis: I will move home eventually, depending on work.